• Bradenplier

    Hey, guys. I'm gonna write for other directors by sending in letters. Basically, explaining my idea for the movie, with the basic plot explained in the letter, then signing it off asking them to invite me to write. I was also considering writing Aristocats 2 and Bugs Life 2. Should I? Let me know your opinion

    Oliver and Company 2-

    Oliver (James Roday) is now a young adult in cat years, and joins the gang to spend time with Dodger (Sir Mix-A-Lot), Rita (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Tito (Enrique Iglesias), Fagin (Matt LeBlanc), Einstein (Paul Fusco), and Francis (David Boreanaz). In this movie, Tito and Georgette (Rihanna) have now had mixed breed puppers: Fría, Pablo and Muñeca. However, a group of criminals in New York have appeared, with their …

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  • Jon825lazery7


    December 20, 2011 by Jon825lazery7

    Who thinks it would be best for the movie to have a sequel? It would be right to have a sequel. No, the book had 1 publish that goes for the movie. I'm not interested in the movie t or it's sequel.

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