The wolf is a minor character of the film and does not speak and barely moves.

Plot InvolvementEdit

At two instances in the film, Mr. Fox expresses his fear of wolves for reasons unknown. After rescuing his nephew Kristofferson from Bean Annex, he and his family, along with Kylie, stop to observe the Wolf. In contrast to the golden summer countryside, the Wolf is perched on a dark rock against a white winter mountain landscape. Despite openly expressing his phobia of wolves, Mr. Fox remains calm and admiring of the Wolf, who remains silent. Mr. Fox identifies both his and the Wolf's Latin names, then asks in French if a cold winter is expected. With no reply, Mr. Fox raises his fist in silent greeting, upon which the Wolf responds with the same gesture. Mr. Fox and his family express their well wishes to the Wolf, who still remains silent. Touched by the communication shared, Mr. Fox and his family continue their journey home, as the Wolf trots into the nearby woods.

Personality & TraitsEdit

There is little to the Wolf's character and mannerisms depicted in the film. He is silent and rarely moving. Whether he can speak English, Latin or French is unknown, but he acknowledges Mr. Fox's attempts to notice his presence.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Wolf is identified by Mr. Fox as Canis lupus, or gray wolf, timber wolf, and western wolf, found throughout North America and Eurasia.
  • The Wolf is an original character for the film. No mention of wolves is given in the original novel.
  • While some find the Wolf's scene confusing or trivial, Director Wes Anderson has stated that the scene is the reason he made the movie.